1 Initial Exploration Meeting

  • Explore the Brad Moore Builders journey and custom home building process

2 Meet on Your Lot

  • Review your lot and discuss the home’s orientation

3 Call & Check Our References

  • Speak with our current or past clients
  • Visit with the lender to discuss finance options

4 High-Low Estimate

  • Owner completes the House Plan Design Questionnaire
  • Brad Moore Builders will provide a high-low cost estimate

5 Plan Creation & Professional Services Agreement Signed

  • Deposit $10,000
  • Begin working on your behalf and alongside the architect/designer during the preliminary house plan development process

6 Preliminary Home Plans

  • Hold intake meetings with architect/house plan designer
  • Preview interior and exterior selections with interior designer
  • Preliminary plans completed and ready for initial cost estimate
  • Initial cost estimates completed

7 Initial Contract Presented & Signed

  • Initial house plans, construction specifications and allowances signed
  • Initial contract signed
  • Deposit 10 percent of initial contract price
  • Final house plan creation process underway
  • Begin interior and exterior selections with interior designer

8 House Plans Complete

  • Final house plans complete
  • Finalize interior and exterior selections with interior designer
  • Construction specifications and allowances updated
  • Final cost estimates complete

9 Final Contract Presented & Signed

  • Final house plans, construction specifications and allowances signed
  • Final contract price addendum signed
  • House plans and construction contract submitted to lender (if applicable)
  • Plans submitted for engineering and ACC/HOA approval
  • Close on interim construction loan

10 Preconstruction Meeting & Groundbreaking Celebration

  • Pre-construction meeting held with project manager, custom home specialist, and the homeowners to review plans and specifications
  • Commence construction
  • Slab poured

11 Finish Framing, Insulation, Low Voltage, and Drywall

  • During construction, conduct quality assurance walk-throughs with project manager
  • Internal quality control inspections

12 Homeowner Orientation

  • Conduct home orientation meeting with homeowners

Move In!

What We Do

Residential planning and construction
40+ years extensive experience
Fully insured general contractor
10-year structure warranty

We pride ourselves in our work! Every custom home we build comes with the standards that have paved the way for the industry for decades.

  • 10-year structure warranty
  • 2-year mechanical warranty
  • 1-year fixture warranty